A diverse and crucial sector, the industrial sector rarely operates in isolation and touches across the other practice areas of Technology, Life Sciences and Energy. As such, the executive leadership teams in this sector face a particularly varied set of demands, including turbulent markets, globalisation, energy costs, mobility and increased competition.

As a practice we see continued innovation towards sustainable technology, process and material alongside a drive towards low cost manufacturing environments. We have significant experience across automotive and industrial product manufacturers, chemicals & performance materials through to consumer applications in the functional ingredients and flavours & fragrance markets. The development of efficient supply chain and manufacturing environments alongside business growth and commercial development form the core of our work.

We provide support across the range of business and commercial leadership alongside operations, engineering and production leadership. Our experience, research methods and ability to identify opportunities and executives fuel our success in the following primary sectors: Automotive and Industrial product manufacturers, Chemicals and Performance Materials, Flavours & Fragrances, Functional Ingredients.

  • 87% of our appointments go on to promotion

  • 2014 saw the launch of our innovative online shared workspace platform

  • 90% of our placements will remain in the role for over two years

How we do it


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Industrial Success Story
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