The way we work combines real world experience with an understanding of executive search that transcends sectors while addressing genuine business requirements. Our research-led approach will make it easier to identify executives who can meet the challenges of your business and shareholder expectations. We can acquire specialist skills throughout any sector while maintaining an awareness of the diversity that modern executive teams aim to include.

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Our knowledge of the fast-moving world of telecoms, media and technology is augmented by a team of researchers. We work with you to deliver executives who can provide solutions to the challenges your businesses faces. By remaining cognisant of real market opportunities in emerging technology, we are on hand to strategize and inform, so you will be best placed to make informed choices based on the latest research from our in-house team.

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The executives identified through our executive search methods go on to bring success and diversity to the extremely varied industrial sector. By understanding the motivations and goals of your business, as well as the results from in-depth market awareness and competitive analysis, we can identify the most qualified individuals for corporate, engineering and production leadership roles in the industrial sector.

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There are few industries as heavily regulated as the energy market, and we understand the contextual awareness that executives in this sector require to navigate legislation. With our intimate knowledge of the energy sector, technology-focused search techniques and our in-house team of researchers, Miramar can become your strategic partners in facilitating executive search. Our specific expertise covers Oil & Gas, Utilities, Renewable Energy and Soft/Hard Commodities.

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The global life sciences sector is constantly evolving as it employs new research and development techniques and business models to cost-effectively deliver innovation, value, and ultimately improved patient outcomes. At Miramar, we have considerable experience working with a wide range of life sciences companies to help them bring in transformational senior talent to address the challenges they face in R&D, supply chain, sales and marketing as well as the full spectrum of corporate functions.

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The financial markets directly impact Miramar’s other sector practices. Investments drive and fuel the growth of emerging technology markets, the expansion of energy into untapped or sustainable markets, and push innovation within production and engineering. Miramar has a long history of working with venture capitalists, by securing the calibre of executive required by fast growth businesses looking to attract private equity backing, and ultimately exceed the expectations of board members and investors alike.

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