Our methods are robust, effective and entirely educated, responding with an agility that accommodates the challenges of time and creating a diverse executive team.

By partnering with Miramar, you’ll be taken through a streamlined and research-led executive search process, while being supported with a range of key business solutions.

Our streamlined executive search technology makes the process of identifying executives extremely effective. The online workspace brings efficiency, transparency and control, which greatly improves the ease at which we fulfil your requirements. We conduct management assessments, executive search for permanent and interim roles, competency and behavioural analysis, high-performance coaching, on-boarding and succession planning.

  • More than 250 executives hired in the last 5 years

  • 90% of searches completed within 90 days

  • 90% of customers believe our platform improved their timeline to hire

How we do it

We specialise in

At Miramar we form strategic partnerships with businesses to facilitate the acquisition of executives. Our shared online workspace is populated with data from a team of in-house researchers and informs a targeted and agile search for members of your executive leadership team.
Our TMT leadership practice work with global organisations across the sector, incorporating key trends and market analysis and competitor analysis into our search methods to find you the most qualified executive for your needs. We can identify the individuals who’ll keep your business cutting-edge with ultra-high growth while managing stakeholder expectations.

The industrial sector is extremely varied, encompassing automotive, manufacturing industrial products, chemicals, functional ingredients and a host of others. The executive search Consultants in this sector have direct experience of this sector, allowing them to contextualise your hiring requests and direct the data that our in-house research team provides.
Our partnership with businesses in the industrial sector provides support in the search for executives across all areas that require leadership, including commercial, operations, engineering and production. From automotive through to speciality chemicals and functional ingredients, we will identify and acquire the executives you need.

Our energy practice understands the challenges that the energy sector has to work with, including conflicting global regulations and a buoyant but volatile market. It is essential to put the right executive in place to provide strong leadership in dealing with the external market forces as well as guiding and delivering results to shareholders.
With our transparent candidate search and placement service, you’ll have visibility of the executive search process at every step of the way. Our in-house research team will help our executive search Consultants to become strategic partners with your Energy value chain which includes Nuclear, Clean technology, Renewable Energy, Utilities and Oil & Gas (Upstream/Downstream), Soft/Hard Commodities.

Having the right executive and board team in place is essential to put investors at ease and to optimise shareholder value. We are often engaged to assess the quality, competence and behaviours of management teams pre- and post-deal. Installing proven leadership can be enough to secure a better investment or exit from private equity or venture capital. We have a strong track record placing executives who attract investment that drivesgrowth, while bringing energy to emerging or underdeveloped offerings. Our networks combine with our intensive research-led process to ensure that we identify, attract and secure the best available candidates for our clients. We are so confident and committed in our delivery that we guarantee the outcome.

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