Privately Traded Technology Company for cashless unattended retail – FinTech, Chief Product Officer (USA)

Sector: Technology Innovation
Location: Boston


A venture-funded start-up was looking to find a dynamic and innovative Chief Product Officer to lead the development, engineering, and manufacturing of a next-generation internet connected oven.


We worked with the CEO and his management team to define the key attributes needed in a CPO in order to drive this business from prototype to production. To accomplish the company objectives, Miramar worked closely with an engineering consulting firm to understand the key skills needed, then worked quickly to identify pools of candidates from the adjacent markets of consumer electronics, household and commercial appliance manufacturing. Our client required a technologist with commercialization experience and exposure to China. We worked collaboratively to develop the search strategy document, identify the key innovators in the market and approach the talent pool.


  • Shortlist of technology innovators identified within CPG and global manufacturing within 30 days.
  • We created a talent pool of hands-on technologists whose passion was invention, new product development and incubation.
  • The client had a difficult decision and found themselves debating over two finalists. This resulted in the Chief Product Officer placements and a new Strategic Board Member.

Our work helped to transform the client’s approach to innovation, both from an internal perspective and in the way that it engages with external partners. The pool of candidates that we identified resulted in a hire with key existing relationships that resulted in an accelerated development cycle. It was the extensive nature of our research and the collaborative approach offered by our technology platform that gave the customer optimal confidence.


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