PE backed SaaS Firm, CFO

Sector: Software as a Service (SaaS)
Location: United States


Miramar was retained by its clients; the CEO of an SaaS-based asset-tracking and fleet management company as well as its Private Equity (PE) firm backer, to appoint a CFO for the company. The company was a rollup of several acquisitions, and the PE firm was at the precipice of funding growth capital into the business. The previous incumbent was a strong Certified Public Accountant but lacked Financial Planning and Analysis and came from more of a manufacturing background rather than software.

Reporting to the CEO as a key part of the leadership team, the CFO is responsible for collaborating with the PE firm and the executive team within the company. Additionally, the CFO will reset the KPIs for the business so that the CEO and the PE firm have confidence in the strategy and data. Most of the requirements associated to people, process, and systems had been completed and the company was looking for a CFO who could position the company for rapid growth and prepare and lead an exit process.



We delivered a focused strategy to target individuals with a track record of developing a uniform set of KPIs that the company could work towards achieving. In addition to this, we targeted candidates who had confidence in NetSuite, which was the system they were in the process of rolling out. Considering the SaaS component of the business it was important for us to identify candidates that had cloud cost optimization experience and came from a previous SaaS environment. We targeted candidates that had experience scaling businesses and ultimately leading companies through a transaction or exit process.



We successfully delivered a diverse slate of shortlisted candidates within 4 weeks. We supported the client throughout the interview stage and they shortlisted 4 candidates. The successful candidate was appointed from our shortlist and the overall delivery was achieved in 90 days. The placed candidate had experience with similar size customers and was familiar with the Company’s business model, and came from an SaaS company of similar scale.


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