Growth Strategy Specialist, Infant Nutrition

Sector: Growth Strategy Specialist, Infant Nutrition
Location: Europe


Our client is a global FMCG in the food industry with a strong growth track record organically and through M&A. Following a major acquisition in Europe, the business had developed a functional ingredients business providing specialty solutions into the infant nutrition markets globally. In order to grow the business in this highly competitive industry, our client wanted to hire a proven industry expert with the ability to deliver on a growth strategy. The remit was to target talent Europe wide, with a view to opening a new regional entity if required.



Our remit was to first provide an assessment of the total leadership talent pool who would be relevant. This included a detailed perspective of those individuals with strong leadership pedigree growing a global specialty business coupled with a deep knowledge and active customer network across the infant nutrition market. Following this talent scan, we worked closely together to bring the most relevant talent in to a recruitment process, led directly by the Chief Commercial officer and CHRO.



The assessment process was structured to ensure that clear assessments could be made quickly both on selecting the right individual and also assessing potential implications of forming new legal entities. From a short list of five experienced qualified leaders, our client took the process to a final two. Each candidate being well suited for the role. The final decision was made, resulting in the hiring of an experienced commercial leader with strong growth potential. In addition, the company chose to form a new legal entity in Europe to enable the hire and future growth.


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