Miramar Talent extends Miramar’s executive search methodology to secure new, diverse talent that builds capability and high performance in the layers below executive and senior leadership.

Organisations in every industry are looking for ways to drive high performance and create sustainable advantages by attracting, developing and retaining the best workforce talent.

Within the TMT and Industrial sectors, Miramar Talent fulfills critical hiring projects, working across the full talent cycle to maximise the value of the recruitment process for our customers, aligning to their longer-term objectives.

Our team brings together experience of leading in-house recruitment functions for global organisations and expertise in external search delivery.

Our customised end-to-end talent solution combines industry expertise with superior technology platforms and proven methodologies to help organisations deliver an enhanced candidate experience, improved quality of hire and to capture the value-added intelligence that provides clear ROI.

Miramar provides competitive advantage

Tailored solutions to manage every aspect of your search

Applying Miramar’s executive search methodology, Miramar Talent has structured, quality-focused recruitment delivery at its core, whilst providing the insight, analysis and long-term engagement to support an organisation’s talent strategies and cogent decision making.

  • Accelerate diversity and digitisation.
  • Connect corporate and talent strategies.
  • GDPR compliant
  • Rapid, high-care, transparent.

The technology fuelling talent search

Benefit from the control of a truly transparent way of working

We identify and appoint talent from all over the world, who will support the empowerment and diversification of your workforce. All details of the search project and progress will be presented through our online workspace, where you can engage as much or as little as you’d like with our process. From initially identifying executives to facilitating interviews, feedback and onboarding, our intuitive technology will bring transparency, efficiency and control to search.

  • Receive live updates
  • Interact with the hiring process through a single platform

We Have Launched Miramar Talent

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