We Have Launched Miramar Talent

The needs of organisations now compared to even a few years ago have changed significantly with diversity, increased competition and digital transformation acting as some of the most prominent catalysts for change in today’s marketplaces.

To truly impact organisations undergoing multiple transformations, Miramar Talent has been launched to positively affect customers deeper in their structures to support their ongoing development and growth.

A New Way to Form and Develop Your Workforce

Miramar Global specialise in executive search, but through continuous communications with our customers we partner with and executives we place, we have identified that to ensure the high performance of these organisations, we must evolve to provide further support in identifying and acquiring workforce talent.

As such, Miramar Talent has been designed to meet the needs of organisations needing to take control of their talent agenda to have a greater impact on diversity, meet the demands of digital transformation, or simply refresh their business with high performing teams.

By extending Miramar Global’s executive search methodology to the workforce talent process, Miramar Talent has structured and quality focused recruitment delivery at its core, whilst providing market insight and analysis which can further support an organisation’s talent strategies and cogent decision making.

Miramar commented;

“It is an interesting time for organisations to ask more of their search partners to support their company’s strategy. By launching Miramar Talent, we provide our customers with a joined-up talent process, from hiring key executive leadership through to transforming core aspects of their primary business operations, enabling our customers to meet the needs of challenges such as diversity and digitization in an ongoing and sustained partnership”. 

Hidden Talents

Please contact us to understand more about how Miramar can support your organization’s growth and development.  With offices in London and Philadelphia, Miramar provides global reach and local expertise.


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