What to look out for ahead of CES 2023 In Las Vegas

The Miramar Global team will be attending CES 2023 in Las Vegas this January. Set to be 50% bigger than the 2022 show, CES is the largest global tech event hosted by the CTA. This must-see show is an opportunity to explore the latest technology, industrial and science innovations that are on the fast-moving horizon. Tooled with the latest industry knowledge, we will continue to drive client conversations to support leadership growth and succession planning.

With the future of technology consistently evolving we’ll be heading to the show for all things related to IoT, AI and robotics and also to find out more about the latest on smart home technology. IoT is set to see huge growth over the coming years; Statista projects there will be a staggering 29.42 billion connected devices worldwide by 2030. AI hardware and software is key to industry development worldwide, so we’re keen to meet some of the pioneering companies and innovators who are taking AI to the next level.

The 2030 climate change deadline for gas emissions to be halved is a hot topic within the automotive sector. We’re looking forward to seeing the latest self-driving tech, electric vehicles, and personal mobility devices to identify how businesses are approaching the 2030 deadline. With increasing investment into EV technology and new charging stations opening in cities across the world EV’s are a growing industry and set to be a clear focus at the CES 2023.

The expo also covers the Life Sciences sector: food tech, sports tech, lifestyle, design and resource. The CTAhas recently partnered with U.N. affiliated World Academy of Art and Science (WAAS) in a bid to address tech companies’ crucial role in supporting United Nations efforts to advance and secure basic human rights. This partnership places huge focus for the CES 2023 to showcase innovations which tackle food insecurity. We’re interested to find out more from companies responsible for devising technology which makes farming and food production more efficient, accessible, and sustainable. The expo will also have some interesting news for us regarding smart cities and digital health.

To successfully support talent acquisition and succession planning we value the importance of keeping up to date with the latest news related to the industry verticals we operate within. The CES 2023 will be the perfect platform to understand what the key focuses are within the market. If you are planning on attending the CES 2023 and would like to meet us at the show, please get in touch with Mila, Alex or Julian.






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