Onboarding: the evolution from a process to an experience

Have you considered when it is that you feel most engaged in the work place? When you feel engaged, listened to and valued, you feel energised. This encourages you to contribute and enjoy the fulfilment of contributing to a person, team or group with who you feel that you share in the ethos and the mission. It is this concept that can play a key role to underpin the processes at play in onboarding.

At a practical level, the process of onboarding is here to provide the tools and access to the knowledge required for an individual to do their job effectively. That is the minimum expectation. What we have already understood is that alongside this, there are multiple benefits linked to emotional engagement and cultural alignment that can come through a highly effective onboarding process.

Shall we judge an onboarding process on the efficiency of the systems and tools? Or alternatively shall we judge an onboarding process on its effectiveness in aligning the “why” behind the process with the “why’s” which are critically important to the person in question? Does this alignment of “why’s” enable us to capture learning, at the same time harnessed with a far higher level of emotional engagement? If it can, then can this catapult an essential process to empower an individual to do their job, in to a full blown catalyst for high performance delivering personal growth and significant business impact?

If the onboarding process can shift to become an experience, we are transforming the essential elements of providing tools in to a catalyst for rapid cultural integration, understanding and in turn high performance. If the recruitment process correctly aligned cultural fit then this should serve to empower an individual by re-affirming their decision and providing them with a sense of alignment of purpose, so reducing risk of failed hires.

Where behaviour is inextricably driven by feelings; if you feel engaged, energised, in harmony and accountable to your team/co-workers/brand – your output and your appetite to contribute will naturally be accelerated.

Is it possible therefore that the process of onboarding can actually deliver a promise of producing high performance?

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