Onboarding – Creating Ultimate Advocacy

We have spoken of how onboarding has now become more an experience than an event. Continuing our commentary on the evolution and importance of onboarding, we must also recognise it as intrinsically emotional. The decision to join a new organisation is made of both rational and emotional components and it’s clear that these emotions play a major role in why individuals join and leave companies. The power of these is also seen throughout the onboarding journey and they can provide the tipping point to employee engagement and productivity. In harnessing these emotions positively, onboarding goes beyond employee integration to create ultimate advocacy.

There are key junctures where this features most prominently. First days and weeks are well accepted to be critical points, but there are periods within the onboarding process that, in our experience, can be as important, but are potentially underestimated. The period post-resignation and pre-start date is such a period, where the benefits of a multi-stakeholder approach are at their most concentrated.

At Miramar, we run our onboarding programme alongside our clients’ own processes, supporting both our client and their new employee through their first 12 months. This starts from resignation and seeks to replace the lull and potential vacuum between offer acceptance and start date, with a number of touchpoints, both by us and also our clients’ stakeholders. Continued contact provides reassurance and increases preparedness and readiness prior to start date. The first day becomes less isolated and alien. The first weeks become more tangible and results-focused on the platform of the employee feeling supported, assured and confident.

External search partners, business leads and HR all play a role, each providing unique information and perspective. By working collectively to integrate and onboard the employee, we can provide the best possible opportunity for success and positive impact after the investment and resources needed to attract and secure them.

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