MXO June 2020 Summarised Extracts: Digital transformation & sustainability

MXO is a private peer group forum for leaders. The intention is to create an open forum for debate in which leaders from a range of sectors around the world have the opportunity to come together on a regular basis in a confidential environment and share, learn and grow together.

In June’s sessions, we focussed on the topic: What do we need to do now to deliver sustainable growth over the next five years. Through a series of workshops the conversations tackled the question and raised a broad array of themes. These included:

    • What to expect from the new environment
    • Leadership and unpredictability
    • COVID19 as a catalyst for cultural and organisational transformation
    • Digital Transformation and Sustainability
    • The importance of themes such as coopetition


In a series of shorts, we have highlighted critical outputs.


    • We have witnessed a digital transformation and work/life shift that would normally take 5 years +, happen over three months. This has impacted so many aspects of our lives which will now continue to advance at pace. 
    • We will expect to see less commuting as office infrastructure is transformed and likely a shift to hot desk and virtual office environments becoming the norm. It would not be a surprise to see a 30 – 50% average reduction in traditional office space usage 
    • We expect to see significantly less business travel, whether it be a cost based decision or simply because through the normalisation process of the last three months, people feel that video calls can comfortably substitute, save travel time and increase efficiency all round.   
    • Supply chain transformation and the impact of localisation, geopolitics and regionalisation will encourage innovation across manufacturing and supply chain where digital will play a key role.  
    • All of the above can clearly contribute to enabling a more sustainable environment. At the same time, we expect to see a continued drive towards sustainable sources through consumer demand. The momentum is now with the sustainability agenda and is here to stay. It is no longer a nice to have, but a must have.  


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