Miramar Global is supporting SPEAR

We recognise the devastating impact that COVID and the lockdown restrictions have had, and will continue to have on some less fortunate than ourselves. As a company we wanted to take the opportunity to give something back, as well as taking the opportunity to promote positive mental and physical health with our own staff. In January we partnered with SPEAR, a charity local to our Head Office in Richmond, London. SPEAR offer vital support to those experiencing homelessness in South & West London – they help them find secure accommodation and to work towards a positive future.

Being locked down can impact anyone from any walk of life. As we are confined mostly to our homes and many of our staff have the additional challenge of home schooling their children, we wanted our fund raising to also promote positive mental health within the company. Miramar is therefore donating money for every piece of exercise that our team members conduct during January, February and March. This can be anything, ranging from running, cycling and HIIT workouts, to yoga, meditation and walking the dog.

In January, every single team member put in a huge effort and we have collectively travelled 1,009 miles by foot, cycle and virtual rowing boats! This has given us a running total of £1,024 to donate to SPEAR. It’s 3,533 miles from our Richmond base to our colleagues in Philadelphia. We can’t see them at the moment, but aim to reach them virtually by the end of March.

For more information on SPEAR and the work that they do, please visit: https://www.spearlondon.org/


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