Miramar Global Insights: How businesses are implementing win-win-win strategies to survive and thrive in 2020 and beyond.

We recently undertook a global study, reaching out to over 250
leaders to understand how they are navigating the challenges
caused by the pandemic.

We are fortunate to serve global clients across a broad range of
industries. From speaking with their leadership teams, our main
takeaway has been that everyone is learning throughout this process.
Of course we all know the broader market conditions and we are
all starting to appreciate the effects on our immediate businesses.
We thought it would be valuable to speak with leaders across the
US, EMEA and APAC from large corporates through to emerging
technology start-ups to understand how their products and services
are evolving.

Our hope is that the following study highlights the decision making
process of these leaders, as they work to build resilient companies
which positively contribute to their stakeholders, colleagues and


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