Miramar Global & DiManEx: The Story, The Entrepreneur

The world is facing major challenges as we battle a global pandemic. What is for sure is that the sun will rise tomorrow and that the spirit and endeavour of entrepreneurs all around the world will be critical to shaping and delivering solutions to these challenges.

The essential attributes of an entrepreneur: positivity, bravery, innovation, and vision alongside a huge work ethic have rarely felt more relevant. It was our great pleasure to have the opportunity to speak with a CEO who has a clear vision for the future and is building a business to deliver a meaningful solution to global supply chains. In doing so, we took a bit of time to understand his story and inspiration.


What seed created DiManEx? Tibor van Melsem Kocsis explains what helped him to form a vision for the supply chain of the future.

2. How?

Turning a great idea into a real enterprise takes tremendous grit and determination. The CEO of DiManEx tells Andrew Stoneham Knott the steps he took to bring the business to life.

3.What happened?
Tibor van Melsem Kocsis, CEO at DiManEx explains how his vision became a reality.

Moving from a corporate to becoming an entrepreneur. What are the key skills for building a business? Tibor van Melsem Kocsis, CEO at DiManEx explains how learning to adapt is key to success.

5. Challenges
Andrew Stoneham Knott seeks to find out exactly what challenges a business like DiManEx faces when it comes to building a business from scratch that can genuinely disrupt a supply chain.


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