Leading Minds Network: What is your magic pill for growth?

What will move the needle for growth in your business by 2024?

Session Introduction, June 2021

Introduced by Andrew Stoneham Knott, Managing Partner at Miramar Global, and hosting Paul Cuatrecasas, CEO of Aquaa Partners, our session in June will focus on how we can all as business leaders strive to deliver growth in this market.

The session will guide the Leading Minds community through a basic agenda designed to promote an open forum to explore the mindset shifts necessary to assist in future proofing a firms bottom line and ultimately boost market value. We aim to explore how we can all view opportunities differently to discover and understand innovative acquisition strategies by changing our mindset.

Asking our members where they see potential disruption in their market, Paul will encourage the session participants to diversify their thoughts and look for inspiration from others in the session on how to encourage growth activity and consider hurdles that can be overcome. An experienced M&A advisor, Paul will be able to share his knowledge of businesses who have embraced disruption by investing in tech acquisitions to improve their bottom line.

Leading Minds provides a private and safe space for members to identify key barriers as a group and explore key strategies to build potential solutions. Leading Minds is a closed environment for senior leaders who are operating in adjacent markets to share, learn and grow.


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