Introduction to Executive Onboarding

Over the coming weeks, we will explore the hot topic of onboarding, why it’s big news and how it’s evolving to manage your new executive’s emotional journey towards being a high performer. Following on from this, we’ll also dive into how to measure an onboarding programme and generate new solutions, as well as take a brief look at how Miramar Global augments its clients’ programmes through our ‘Onboarding Index’.

So why has onboarding become such a big trend? Done well, it offers a structured way to integrate someone operationally, strategically and socially, which creates a highly committed and productive member of the team that is well oriented, knows their mission and their peers’ goals, and is emotionally committed to your brand. Done badly, the statistics show there is a significant reduction in emotional commitment to a new employer and therefore a reduction in efficiency and performance as well as a risk to retention that rarely fully subsides. Miramar has been working with its clients to better understand an executive’s ‘emotional journey’ from the interview process through to first year anniversary and identify the positive intervention points that can be used to improve an executive’s overall experience and well-being. Interestingly, what our research has identified is that a unified approach involving Human Resources, Business Unit and Search Partners is required. Successful onboarding of executives is within reach of organisations that care strongly enough to industrialise a multiple-stakeholder process. Does your business value its most important assets enough to get ahead of the trend and build a world-class onboarding programme?

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