Miramar Anniversary

We are very pleased to launch our refreshed brand and web platform. As we approach our 10 year anniversary, it has been a timely moment to consider what we have learnt and how our identity has been shaped in our first 10 years of trading.

We have been blessed to work with a diverse range of companies who are genuine leaders of innovation in their markets. We are grateful for their continued partnership and appetite to transform. Through that work we have been able to contribute to the development of the careers of many people. That human element is a source of great enjoyment and something which always provides great colour to the process.

The intention of our refreshed brand is to clearly represent our mission to support the global businesses who seek to innovate and transform the way that we all engage with the world. We advance business through people. That says it all. People are at the heart of the matter.

Our ambition is to bring a focussed, honest and results based approach to our global clients which is centred around human engagement and will elevate both our clients and the reputation of the recruitment industry.

With particular thanks to Brilliant Path (brilliantpath.com) for their continued partnership through our first 10 years and the great work that they have done in helping us to get across our message.



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