Ross Bailey


Ross is a founding member and Managing Partner for Miramar Global.

Ross has 15 years’ experience in executive search. His career has focused on advising and serving major, midcap and funded innovators in the TMT markets. Having had a successful career in several boutique executive search businesses, Ross joined Andrew soon after the businesses inception to lead Miramar’s growth strategy for TMT across EMEA, North America and Asia Pac. Back in 2009, Ross saw the opportunity for Miramar to use its experience in topics such as, AI, Big Data, Machine Learning and Industrial IoT to build vertically aligned sector knowledge in Digitization. Since 2009, Miramar has created leadership teams for some of the largest brands delivering IoT innovation at enterprise scale. The business has leveraged it’s learning to build vertical specialisation in sectors such as Automotive, Industrial, Life Sciences, and Manufacturing, as well as supporting the vendors, integrators and service providers that support them.

Ross is responsible for Miramar’s cross sector IoT strategy and leads the TMT practice.

Ross says,

“Our strategy has been clear from the inception of Miramar; build a reputation based on exceptional quality of service, a process driven with tenacity, and care at the heart of everything we do, to deliver value to our clients. Our focus and success has been depth of knowledge in markets that are the innovators and beneficiaries of IoT and Digitisation. Spanning North America and EMEA with a world-class team, and with innovative services delivering customer insight and value, we have built a business trusted to deliver. Our future is exciting.”


Sector: TMT

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