Andrew Stoneham-Knott


Andrew is the founder and Managing Partner of Miramar Global.

Andrew has 16 years’ experience across the recruitment and executive search industry. He began his career in financial services before quickly transitioning in to the industrials market where he has worked ever since, supporting mid and large cap multinationals to hire expert talent across EMEA, North America and Asia Pac. Andrew has deep experience in talent acquisition across the industrials, energy and materials markets. Andrew founded Miramar in 2009 following successful years working in both large established talent organisations and start-ups. He believed that there was a significant opportunity in the market for a specialist market focused search business who could combine sector expertise with genuine client care and outstanding process. The challenge was set to build a business that is highly respected by its clients and known for its tenacity to deliver and commitment to delivery whilst also valuing the human engagement in our work.

Andrew leads the strategy and operations of the business, working closely with the Partners and the team to drive our growth and the successful development of our work with our clients. Alongside this, Andrew leads our Industrial practice and manages a number of our largest clients across the process manufacturing and FMCG markets. He remains hands on in the delivery process and is passionate about acquiring outstanding talent to create further success for our clients.

Andrew says,

“I am incredibly proud of the team and the reputation that we have built so far but this is early days. We set demanding objectives to enhance the quality of our work and its impact on our clients but there is still a huge amount to do. The recruitment and talent industry is changing and we intend to be at the forefront of that process, pushing to integrate technologies, new ways of working and constantly improving the quality of experience and the predictability of success in the process. Science and technology will and should form a part of this process in the future but we will never lose focus of the human element of what we do. That responsibility will always be a priority. Our footprint across EMEA and North America enables us to merge thinking from across cultures and challenge ourselves to constantly improve to the benefit of our clients.”

Sector: Industrial

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