Effective onboarding enables greater speed to effectiveness and higher likelihood of long term success, in turn de-risking the recruitment process and increasing the speed to deliver a return on investment.

Onboarding is the opportunity to enable the full impact of the hire and achieve the earliest possible return on investment.

It is well known that failed hires can have a significant impact on bottom line as well as morale and culture. Onboarding is a critical part of ensuring that the investment can be realised at the earliest opportunity whilst supporting the individual to achieve their personal goals.

The onboarding process begins immediately post resignation. We support the individual through their notice period and the personal adjustments that need to begin to be made in to the first year of their new employment. These can vary from minor to full relocations so each one is handled uniquely.

We believe that onboarding is a critical tool for success. In heavily matrixed, global environments where resources are tight, this is an area where support and alignment is often required.

Onboarding is heavily tailored to each particular company based on internal processes and resources. Please contact us to discuss further.