Chris Shearmon


Chris Shearmon is Principal and Head of Asia Pacific at Miramar Global. Chris leads the APAC business from Miramar’s Singapore offices and works to further Miramar’s existing track-record in the region for delivering long-term value for our clients. Chris has been dedicated to the APAC region since 2012, working specifically within focus areas where clients are looking to scale innovation to deliver future growth, such-as Digital Products & Services, Data Analytics & AI and Customer Experience Design.

Chris’ passion is to positively impact not only our clients’ businesses, but the world more broadly in helping Miramar’s clients in bringing new products & services to market through the work Miramar delivers. He is a strong supporter of diversity both inside Miramar and through supporting the goals of our clients, where other conversations such-as environmental impact are also closely aligned to the overall mission.