Our Process

Our technology-led process is based on establishing an honest and open partnership with our clients. This means you’ll know what is happening every step of the way. By using state of the art workspace sharing technology, we’re able to provide your business with an efficient and truly transparent executive search experience.

  1. 1. Briefing & Planning

    Our initial briefing will define your executive requirement and expectations. From this we’ll provide you with an executive search strategy and agree timescales and the process.

  2. 2. Research & Go

    Our in-house research team will review business context, market awareness and competitor insight for your sector. An update review will take place at the end of weeks one and two to discuss initial findings, feedback and to review benchmark profiles.

  3. 3. Candidate Interviews

    Between week three and week six, dependent on the nature of your executive search requirements, we will advance our research and deliver weekly update meetings. This phase ends with a short list of approximately three to five qualified candidates.

  4. 4. Client Interviews

    In phase four Miramar will set up a series of interviews. We expect the first interview to be exploratory in nature, to allow both parties to assess one another, and an opportunity for you to evaluate the candidate and if they align with your business goals and expectations. We will actively manage scheduling and prepare both the candidates and clients throughout the preparation and debrief process.

  5. 5. Closing Process

    The closing process requires effective management of expectations and consistency in the discussions. We establish rapport throughout the process and our approach regarding salary and expectations is transparent from the outset to ensure there is alignment for positive closure.

  6. 6. Resignation & Notice Period

    We maintain a healthy dialogue with candidates through the notice period, many of which will span months. An integral part of this process is onboarding, which helps the successful integration of executives into new leadership roles.

The technology fuelling executive search

Benefit from the control of a truly transparent way of working

When you’ve experienced the way we work and the data-driven results we will provide, you won’t consider returning to traditional hiring processes. We identify and appoint executives from all over the world, who will support the empowerment and diversification of your executive team. The most appropriate executives for your leadership requirement will be presented through our online workspace, where you can engage as much or as little as you’d like with our process. From initially identifying executives to facilitating interviews, feedback and onboarding, our intuitive technology will bring transparency, efficiency and control to executive search.

  • 100% transparent
  • Receive live updates
  • Real-time access and engagement
  • Interact with the hiring process through a single platform
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