Webinar Highlights: Purpose & Impact

In case you missed it….

Thank you to everybody who participated in our webinar last Wednesday 11th July.

It is always a pleasure to spend time with Anita Hoffmann and learn from her experience and insights. We have tried to capture a few of the critical points below. If you would like to watch the original webinar, a copy of the audio and video is available on our website at https://www.miramar.global/news.

We have included a couple of short podcasts for anybody who was not able to make it – please find these below:

Themes from the webinar:

Understand your own career time line – We will most likely live longer and we will have longer careers. It is important to recognise where you are in that timeframe. From this you can identify the time that you have in order to craft a career that is aligned with your purpose and can bring meaningful impact.

Job crafting is at the heart of the matter – this process is what will enable you to discover yourself and ultimately bring to life the essential aspects that can add purpose and impact to your career.

• Nobody can see the future but a lack of vision and direction is a major blocker to meaningful progress. Take the time to understand yourself alongside how you shape your career.

• Career change does not have to mean a change of employer. Recognise the importance of job crafting in your current place of work and explore where you can bring that sense of purpose to your own and related organisations (partners, suppliers, customers).

• Career management is a skill in its own right. Build the feedback loops and the network to enable you to understand yourself and what you can offer. Connect that understanding with those who can support that vision or participate in it.

• Is it time to retire the word “retirement” and understand that a longer working life will require a different flow? This will need to include periods for education, recuperation and personal development.

Networking – understand your passions and interests then find the people in your immediate or extended network who will enable you to learn more. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Thanks again for your interest and participation.

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