Purpose and Impact Webinar: How Executives Are Creating Meaningful Second Careers 

We are very pleased to invite you to join us on a live webinar on Wednesday 11th July at 14:30 UK time. The webinar will be hosted by Andrew Stoneham Knott, Managing Partner of Miramar Global and Anita Hoffmann, the author of “Purpose & Impact, How Executives Are Creating Meaningful Second Careers”.

To join the webinar at 2:30pm UK, please click here

We live in a dynamic working environment in which technology is disrupting our business models as well as our ways of working. We will all most likely work for longer, that we can be sure of. If we recognise that work is what you make it, we have the opportunity to craft our careers to make them purposeful and allow us to contribute to business AND society in whatever context or scale that we wish. Our discourse is about how we learn to develop new Purpose driven career options for ourselves and hone our skills in order to contribute and have a meaningful impact personally, professionally and socially.

In anticipation of the webinar and to provide some insight and food for thought we have prepared some short videos to provide a view of just some of the talking points. These will be released weekly in advance of the webinar – please find a selection below:

Please also feel free to send any questions to: info@miramar.global using the subject line “Webinar”.


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