We Welcome David Winch as MD of Miramar Talent

Following the announcement of our international merger in 2017, we declared further expansion earlier this year by revealing our new service offering, Miramar Talent. As a result, we are now delighted to announce the appointment of David Winch, an experienced recruitment leader, formerly of Juniper Networks and Nokia, as Managing Director of the new department.

Talent Search

Miramar Global has been successful with executive search and senior leadership hiring since its incorporation in 2009, successfully challenged the major incumbents across EMEA and North America through a combination of tenacity, technology and care. Miramar Talent is a natural extension of the Miramar brand, working with clients beyond the boardroom and senior leadership structures, to help customers to augment and improve their businesses.

Based in the firm’s London office, David joins Miramar with over 20 years’ experience in leading recruitment teams within global technology corporates as well as boutique search firms. Having experience from both perspectives means that David brings not only extensive knowledge to this new role but also empathy with regards to the challenges faced by organisations recruiting talent in highly competitive marketplaces.

Miramar Talent brings a proactive business model to market which, when partnered with forward-looking organisations, allows them to build truly actionable insight into their talent strategy, enabling them to deliver on high priority agenda items such as diversity and digitization.

Ross Bailey, Founding-Partner at Miramar Global has commented,

“We are very excited to be launching Miramar Talent.

We are delighted to have David Winch join us as Managing Director for Miramar Talent. A Miramar customer for many years, his knowledge of the total talent cycle from a customer perspective is invaluable in ensuring Miramar Talent’s services translate into real value across business, HR and talent stakeholders. The combination of Miramar Global and Miramar Talent is incredibly interesting – We are now able to provide even more value to our clients through positively impacting deeper within their organisational structure. With quality, tenacity and care at the core of everything we do, Miramar Talent is going to be a great success”. 

David Winch has also commented,

“Having led recruitment functions in-house, I recognise our customers’ challenges. Under the pressure of multiple priorities, internal teams need ownership and control, but also to be augmented by agile, specialist support when required. Business models are changing, and we believe recruitment models must also adapt, where a more strategic approach to non-executive recruitment can move our customers ahead of their talent demand, accelerate transformation and maximise their investment.” 

Miramar Talent for Your Organisation

If you would like to understand more about Miramar’s approach and how this broader service offering can support your business, you can contact David directly or find out more on the Miramar Talent page. We offer both our executive search and talent services, globally, through our London and Philadelphia offices.


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