Transforming Your Career: From Discovery to Fruition

Following the announcement of our live webinar on 11th July with Anita Hoffmann at 14:30 UK/9:30am ET, we have included below two additional short videos. Anita is the author of “Purpose & Impact: How Executives Are Creating Meaningful Second Careers”.

These short films offer a snapshot of the topics which are central to the process of learning, understanding and building towards meaningful second careers:

We will be hosting a live webinar on Wednesday 11th July at 14:30 UK / 09:30 ET to speak with Anita and discuss various themes within the book. If you would be interested in taking part in our webinar with Anita then we would be very pleased if you could join us.

To join, contact us directly at and simply reference “Webinar” in the subject header.


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