Redthread is our charity of the year!

It is with great pride, we are able to reveal that Redthread is our chosen charity for 2018.

We will be working with the organisation in the coming months to provide both financial and professional support.

Their Purpose

To empower young people to thrive as they navigate the challenging transition to adulthood by integrating trauma-informed youth work into the health sector. Their vision is to create a society where all young people are shown how to create healthy, safe and happy lives.

Who are they?

Established in 1995 Redthread was originally formed by a group of individuals who felt that local children and young people could be move involved in the local community, if given the facilities and activities to be so.  In 2002, Redthread ventured into the world of health for the first time, running the UK’s first ever Young People’s Clinic, giving 13-19 year olds, whether registered or not, access to a doctor, nurse, counsellor or youth workers.  This has since been replicated and in 2011, the concept behind the initiatives was given a permanent home – The Well Centre.

In 2015, Redthread’s pioneering hospital-based Youth Violence Intervention Programme celebrated 10 years of delivery and is in the process of expanding nationally across the UK.

How do they do it?

Redthread has a number of initiatives but is renowned for being the first hospital-based youth violence intervention charity in the UK.  Their Youth Violence Intervention Programme is active in numerous hospital emergency departments and partners with the major trauma network. The programme enables Redthread’s youth workers to connect with young victims of trauma or abuse, with the objective being to support and empower them to safely remove themselves from unsafe or heated environments. It also aims to identify and target the root causes of violence in communities by using these direct connections with troubled groups. This service has revolutionised the support available to young victims of violence.

As a natural extension, Redthread has further founded and continues to co-ordinate HIVE, The Hospital-based Interrupting Violence Exchange, which is a national network.

Redthread also runs a youth health centre in Streatham, The Well Centre. It is a safe, confidential space, where 13-20 year olds can drop in to see a youth worker, counsellor or doctor under one roof.

They receive support from recognised bodies such as The Mayor of London Office for Policing and Crime, Children in Need, Comic Relief, and the Home Office.

Miramar and Redthread

We recently discussed the importance of societal impact for organisations and we are certainly advocates of the benefits for everyone involved.

Miramar Global have chosen to support Redthread as their core values align with our own, promoting collaboration, courage, compassion and empowerment.

Through Miramar’s capability and experience in scaling and transforming our customers’ businesses, we will be providing our services to Redthread, pro bono, to support their geographical expansion and continued organisational growth in addition to helping fundraise at events throughout the year.

Andrew Stoneham-Knott, Managing Partner at Miramar Global has stated,

“We are proud to partner with Redthread as our charity of the year and to support their continued work and growth.

Redthread are a pioneering and innovative charity as the first hospital based violence-intervention charity in the UK, supporting and empowering young people in our capital and beyond.

The safety, happiness and health of young people is pertinent to us all.  Redthread’s work and their achievements to date are admirable and humbling.”

John Poyton, CEO at Redthread said: “We are delighted Miramar has chosen Redthread as their charity of the year. It’s an exciting time of growth for Redthread and having Miramar’s expertise in workforce development and scaling and transforming businesses is invaluable. We also look forward to fundraising alongside Miramar’s staff at events this year and we are grateful for all their support so far.” 

We invite you to follow Miramar and Redthread, and to add your support.


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