Mud, Sweat and Tears

The morning of Saturday the 16th September was bright and crisp. It was the perfect start to a weekend in September… and then we added mud.

Shunning the seasonal urge to relax in bed with a cup of tea and the morning news, the Miramar team (minus the sensible ones) congregated in a field in Crawley with 1000’s of other equally enthused thrill seekers to don their lycra, paint their faces, set off on a 10.5 mile cross country run and take on obstacles along the way.

Some people call it fun, others might say it’s character building, there are even those who call it insane but officially, they call it Tough Mudder.

Team Mudder

At Miramar we like to practice what we preach and we know that a strong, connected team is a productive unit therefore regular team outings are always part of our curriculum. 

Miramar likes a challenge, which is why we chose to take on Tough Mudder for this away day.

If you haven’t heard of it before then it is almost exactly as advertised, tough and muddy. To get through the course one requires a great team, determination and a positive attitude. Luckily team Miramar had plenty of the required ingredients.

Starting as a team and finishing as a team the event brought our crew together in a way that payday drinks simply can’t as they were challenged every step of the way. Not only did they take on sub-zero baths and electrocution along their cross country run but due to a barbed wire related wardrobe malfunction, some even managed to swap clothes part way round the course!

Between the encouragement, team spirit and bonding over things you simply can’t prepare for during an activity like this, our team came out smiling, happy and stronger than ever.

While it might sound like lunacy, in actual fact it was an incredible day for all involved.


Tough Mudder encourages participants to train in the run up to the event meaning that the benefits extend beyond the day out itself. Our work force were happy, healthy and excited in the weeks leading to the date and have been left with memories to last a life time.

On top of the electric atmosphere, the warm up fun, and the 80’s power anthems blasted as you set off on your epic adventure, there’s something else that will stay with us forever, the story of a past participant.

Just before our group were about to be released onto the course we were met with the master of ceremonies whose job it was to get us pumped; and boy did he do it.

Before we got on one knee to take the Tough Mudder vow, he regaled us with the story of a man who completed the course not too long ago. The man himself had been involved in a car accident some 16 months before the event he took part in. The accident smashed both of his legs and blinded him, but he set himself the goal of completing Tough Mudder as part of his journey to success. With the help if his team he completed the course, without complaint. Let’s take a moment to let that sink in and remind ourselves that often we set our own goals, and our own limitations.

Your Team

If you would like to build a team as strong as ours then get in touch. We specialise in identifying and acquiring the best talent, creating leadership teams which are built to last.

Talk to our executive search consultants to find out how we can help your business, and if you have time, ask them about their Tough Mudder experience.


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