Miramar Global places Vice President of Engineering for Innovative Cooking Appliance Startup


BOSTON, MA – The team of John Hodge and Jeff Harvey at Miramar Global partnered closely with Hyperwave Technologies Inc. founders Devin Schain and Tom Klaff to find their Vice President of Engineering.  By utilizing Miramar’s disciplined research methodology and technology platform, Miramar delivered candidates with the right expertise and excellent track record of success. As a result, Hyperwave Technologies has recently appointed Scott Rassoulian as Vice President of Engineering.

Scott will be responsible for the overall advancement of the technology and commercialization of the product to include all product development and engineering. Hyperwave is a technology platform company that has invented and integrated an advanced cooking technology into its own line of innovative cooking appliances to allow busy consumers to cook their favorite everyday foods faster, tastier, and with greater convenience.


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