Miramar Global is attending Money 20/20, June 3-5th, Amsterdam

In just a few days’ time, Miramar will be heading to Holland’s canal city, Amsterdam for Money20/20 Europe. Here, the best brains and masterminds within the financial services, FinTech community and entire payments industries will come together to pioneer the future of money.

At this market leading event, tomorrow’s financial news is made. We will be exploring cutting edge products and attending presentations uncovering how banks and companies plan to stay ahead of the curve.

At Miramar, having a deep understanding of commercial insights empowers us to work with our clients to recruit the best talent within their prospective industries. At Money20/20, we will be immersing ourselves within the twelve themes that are set to disrupt the industry and revolutionise the way we use money in the next ten years.

We will be liaising with C-Level execs throughout the industry who are leading the way for banks, payment companies and tech giants to understand what is new for the future of money. From insights covering transformative technology, to payments evolution, cyber security and risk management, we are set to leave with actionable takeaways, so we help our clients navigate the landscape of tomorrow.

Regularly partnering with banking and finance firms, a key discussion we are keen to explore is the future of AI, payments and how banks are undergoing never-ending transformation. As tech giants gain more market share and challenge the way consumers manage their finances, banks must be fast to respond.

Most notably, this year Money20/20 will be introducing AI-powered networking. We will be using this tool to connect with progressive companies to underpin what are the driving forces for commerce. Most importantly, we will be combining this new tool with our people focused approach to networking.

If you would like to know more or arrange a meeting at Money 20/20, please contact ross.bailey@miramar.global or visit www.miramar.global


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