Miramar Global Executive Search Places Sr. Director Global Talent Acquisition for a B2B demand generation and sales execution firm.


Atlanta, GA –Kristy Calo, Sr. Consultant at Miramar Global partnered closely with N3’s executive management team to find their first Sr. Director, Global Talent Acquisition.  Through extensive research and utilization of networking capabilities, Miramar was successful in identifying candidates with the right mix of technical expertise supporting global brands.  N3 has recently appointed Theresa Dunn as the Sr. Director, Global Talent Acquisition. Theresa will be responsible for providing an exceptional level of strategic partnership and guidance to business leaders and the Talent Team to identify and build on capabilities that drive measurable business impacts.  Additionally, she will build and curate deep sustainable networks with communities of diverse talent across industries and geographies and continue momentum in diversity hiring and inclusion practices that set a new standard.

N3 is an outsourced, integrated sales and marketing execution firm. With 10+ years of proven success, N3 leverages a scalable, technology-enabled sales framework supported by integrating Digital Marketing, Inside Sales, and Custom Analytics. N3 accelerates adoption by converting digital interest into long-term consumption through a customer-centric, solution-based selling approach. N3 is headquartered in Atlanta with offices in Bogota; Dublin; Fargo; Fort Lauderdale; London; San Jose, Costa Rica; Sao Paulo; Seattle; and Singapore. Employing the world’s largest team of experienced technology and sales experts, N3 delivers programs in 25+ languages.


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