Miramar Are Working For Good

As regular supporters of charitable pursuits, Miramar is proud to announce that we are now working with Work for Good to support Future for Heroes.

Work for Good

Work for Good encourage businesses to channel their charitable activities to maximise the all-round impact of business giving.

The exciting organisation, brainchild of Rupert Pick, was founded following Rupert’s own active involvement in supporting the Evelina London Children’s Hospital who care for his daughter Ottie.

Ottie was born prematurely with two rare genetic conditions and the hospital have played a major role in caring for and supporting her and her family throughout her surgery and ongoing care.

Whilst looking to give something back to the hospital Rupert found that businesses are more than willing to help charities, and already are. Work For Good was subsequently founded to ensure that charities receiving this support from businesses could maximise what they get and that businesses were further inspired to give, keeping up valuable income for organisations who help so many people.

Their concept, ‘doing good with what you do’, is one that rings true for us therefore we would like to do everything we can to assist them in their development. The innovation which is apparent with this initiative is something we hold in high esteem in our every day practices and are happy to encourage this type of future thinking.

Future for Heroes

Miramar have chosen to work with Work for Good to support Future for Heroes, a charity who serve the armed forces, assisting veterans of all ranks in returning to civilian life.

We have chosen this charity as we understand how difficult transitioning from one role to another can be, without the added complications which affect many military personnel as a result of their service.

Future for Heroes, run courses to assist veterans in making the physical and emotional adjustments required to reintegrate into society. This valuable service ensures that veterans who have worked to secure the safety of our nation are supported equally when they return.

Our involvement with the charity not only provides financial support but, through our searches, also creates new links for the organisation to assist them in attracting additional sources of funding. A recent donation to the charity has helped fund their marketing, social media and promotional strategy.

What We Do

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