March News from Miramar Global

The official round up of everything we’ve doing and saying in March. 


In a month that included International Women’s Day it seemed pertinent that we cover diversity, namely gender diversity, and the benefits from a significant percentage of women in Leadership.  We also debated diversity quotas and whether there was a useful place for them within organisations.

Our March discussions were based on research from the Boston Consulting Group which stated that companies with a higher female share of leadership were actually more innovative than those with a lower proportion. We then went deeper, debating whether or not companies whose goals are to achieve higher levels of diverse leadership should set diversity quotas to address the issue.

To find out more read our articles, How A Higher Female Share Directly Correlates With Success and Diversity: Do Quotas Work?


Following on, we continued with the theme of empowerment, alongside our constant commitment to encouraging high performance organisations.  This month at our London HQ we held a company round table discussion where we collectively reviewed and debated our own development and how we operate; a valuable activity that gives us insight into internal behavior and, in turn, the quality of service that we provide to our clients.

By offering empowerment to our staff at all levels, inclusive sessions like these are an essential part of encouraging collaboration, candor and the maintenance of high performance.


Carrying on with our desire to “pay it forward”, it is with pride that we officially announce Redthread as our pinnacle charity for 2018.

We recognize that creating a high performing organisation isn’t limited to internal operations. At Miramar Global our purpose doesn’t end with our job titles, it is continued in our values, our beliefs and our behaviors too. We understand the importance of working for good, it gives much needed support to charitable organizations and promotes morale and productivity within our own organization.

To learn more about our chosen charity, how we will be supporting them and what the CEOs of both Redthread and Miramar have to say about the partnership then read our full article, Redthread Is Our Charity of the Year!

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Thank you for your continued interest in our organisation, we look forward to updating you again next month.


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