Highlights Mobile World Congress 2015 #MWC2015

It was a superb few days spent at the Mobile World Congress, with keynote speakers such as Mark Zuckerberg and sessions highlighting the emergence and subsequent central role the Internet of Things will play in our day to day lives. It was really inspiring to meet and talk to the technology industry’s most innovative organisations and figures. The spirit of partnership between companies was incredibly strong and there was a great sense of development and businesses working together to shape the future of this market.
It was clear that the commercial opportunities that M2M and IoT represent are now forming the central component of company’s growth strategies. This is mirrored by a transition into service and OPEX models for large parts of the technology industry. We expect to see some adjustments to the skill sets required across R&D, application and commercial organisations as these models and approaches are embedded in to business models. It was great to see a host of new emerging companies as well as the development and growth of the traditional heavyweights.

Further highlights…

  • Innovation City was a fully immersive mobile experience. We watched demonstrations from the likes of Vodafone, AT&T and Sierra Wireless.
  • IoT and M2M and how its becoming a real contention in ‘C’ Level agendas.
  • Wearables are proving to be a hot topic right now, from smart watches and glasses to health bands and smart fabrics, wearables are undoubtedly big business to the mobile world…

Looking forward to MWC2016…


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