In-Cosmetics conference – by Robin Holroyd

Miramar attended the 2016 In-Cosmetics conference, which was held this year in Paris, between 12th-14th April.  We attend the event annually, which is always held in tremendous spirit and this year was no exception.  We enjoyed the opportunity to catch up properly with a range of clients as well as other key industry figures, which enabled us to expand our understanding and knowledge of the key market trends that are occurring in the dynamic and exciting market.

This year’s event saw a number of suppliers launching new ingredients, presenting new research and demonstrating new formulations.  Once again innovation was high on the agenda of a number of businesses, in particular in the area of skin care, where various suppliers have developed ingredients that help protect the body’s natural microbiome.  This innovation has been replicated by businesses such as IFF, Lucas Meyer Cosmetics and Defenscalp.  Sustainability was also an important issue, as the demand for natural ingredients continues to rise.  A number of organisations were presenting environmentally friendly versions of popular materials, such as replacements for palm oil derivatives.  This year’s event also consisted of a more global reach with a number of representatives from APAC and American markets attending the European conference.  The European event has grown strongly in size and scope over the years and from next year will be rebranded as ‘In-Cosmetics Global’, to represent the international feel of the event.

As the market consolidates we can expect to see an increase in talent being obtained outside of the immediate markets from the supplier and customer base, particularly within R&D, application and sales.  Overall this was an extremly enlightening trip which has positioned us with further expertise that will benefit our clients moving forward.  With an already busy start to the year we look forward to welcoming In-Cosmetics to our home city of London in 2017, which will be the first In-Cosmetics Global to be held.


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