Miramar complete multiple triathlon’s to support SPEAR

By Ed Scott

At the end of September Miramar embarked on their very own ‘triathlon’ to raise money for our Charity partner, SPEAR. The goal was to get as many of the team involved as possible, so Miramar sponsored each of our team for every leg that they could complete. The challenge was 400m swim, 20km cycle and 5km run or walk. You could complete the same exercise more than once and bonus donations were given to those who completed three events, the full triathlon and anyone who went beyond the full distance.

All our teams from across the globe got involved, with runs in Zurich, bike rides in Singapore, half marathons in Philadelphia and open air swimming in Richmond! A special mention must to go Andrew Stoneham Knott and Richard Pitts, who not only completed the full triathlon, but went beyond the distance. Richard also ran an extended fell half marathon (17 miles) two days later in aid of SPEAR. A thank you also needs to go to Mother Nature who decided to provide us with an incredible summers day in September, making the event (very slightly) less painful!

With all the efforts combined, we are proud to be able to donate £2,450 to SPEAR. Keep your eyes peeled for our final event in November, where we hope to further add to the total from this and our ‘Race the Thames’ challenge earlier in the year.


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