Miramar Talent augments multiple internal customer stakeholders to develop intelligent strategies that secure talent and provide market analytics and insight within a highly agile and compliant model for GDPR

Integrating business intelligence and talent analytics within global search, or as a dedicated data-capture exercise further informs growth strategies and strengthens customers’ preparedness for the opportunities of new markets, digitisation and diversity.

  1. Market Mapping

    • Development of external bench for future leaders or growth projects and providing talent security against critical positions, enabling decisive action and preventing loss of business operations due to talent gaps.
    • Project-based or continuous analysis of the availability of high-performance talent, enabling customers to adapt hiring plans and accelerate strategic initiatives, such as diversity.
    • Analysis of regional talent availability and compensation architectures to further inform growth plans.
    • Brand feedback from the market to calibrate and support EVP development.
  2. Competitor Intelligence

    • Insight into competitors’ commercial strategies, enhancing our customers’ market positioning, commercial engagement and sales development.
    • Specific assessment of competitor organisational structures, compensation architectures, business unit performance and high performing individuals
  3. Customer Insight

    • Assessing the commercial potential of existing accounts or new markets to increase customers’ market understanding and sales development.
    • Providing customers with objective engagement strategy feedback from key and global accounts.

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