Ensuring capability built in the layers below senior leadership progresses through the organisation, we drive long-term value by augmenting customer teams in assessing, qualifying and supporting internal mobility and succession.

Through onboarding, ongoing candidate management and supporting employee progression, Miramar contributes to increasing productivity, enhancing brand value, reducing attrition and creating a strong, diverse internal bench for succession.

  1. Onboarding

    • Aligning to and supporting customers’ existing processes or co-creating candidate specific plans to ensure rapid integration and time to productivity.
    • We continue our relationship with candidates and remain available to support and advise, and if required, mediate to resolution in partnership with customer teams.
  2. Talent Calibration

    • Internal and external benchmarking to fully inform decisions on succession and promotions.
    • Helping customers understand the leadership capability in their organisation through the objective analysis and qualification of internal candidates.

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