Miramar’s team of executive head hunters in London provide services to clients on a global basis providing them with the best in leadership talent across a variety of practices and territories.

Global Territories

Our executive search consultants in London work with our clients to assist in the construction of leadership teams in all territories: EMEA, LATAM, APAC and the Americas.
Utilising their in-depth knowledge of the challenges faced in each of the regions among their most prominent sectors, our consultants are able to identify and acquire talent accordingly.


Miramar’s practice leaders in London have a combined history of over 90 years in executive search. This means that we can provide our clients with a service provided by industry consultants with a wealth of knowledge across many sectors.

Executive Search for Telecoms, Media and Technology

Lead by practice leaders not only experienced in executive head hunting but also in business, our London office are able to conduct global executive searches for TMT clients which are driven by knowledge and understanding.

By considering everything from TMT industry trends, such as cloud and mobility, to the specific challenges we know organisations in the space are faced with, we are able to provide the best leadership candidates to fill the most important strategic, commercial, operational and technical roles in the industry.

Executive Searches for Life Science Organisations

The Life Science sector is consistently challenged by things like healthcare reform, pricing pressure and increased regulations. For this reason, they require senior talent who are not only leadership figures but also fully proficient in Research and Development, sales and marketing, supply chains and corporate functions.

Miramar’s executive search team in London understand this and have developed the most efficient ways of identifying, acquiring and assessing the best in leadership talent to present our clients with.

Search for Energy and Natural Resources Executives

Due to drops in oil prices our clients in the energy and natural resource space require the best in executive leadership to ensure that successful returns are still shaped and delivered.

Our searches for executive leaders for global energy and natural resources organisations consider challenges like the one above, geopolitical influences and technical skill shortages to ensure we provide clients with the individual candidates who can fill the roles and make an impact in the face of adversity.

Search for Private Equity Leaders

Our London based executive search consultants for the private equity sector are able to identify and acquire executive talent to strengthen boards and leadership teams.

By providing our Private Equity clients with deal teams, operating partners and interims we support them through their operations ensuring they are always operating at output capacity.

Executive Search for Industrial Organisations

The Industrial sector is connected to many other practices therefore our executive search team in London often combine to ensure information is shared and utilised to our Industrial client’s advantage.

Industrial leadership teams are often faced with turbulent markets and increased competition therefore our executive head hunter’s in our London office reach out globally to identify the best talent in the world to manage businesses in this fast paced and challenging sector.

Executive Search for FSMG and Consumer Markets

The digital age is driving new consumer behaviours at the same time as posing threats to businesses in the FMCG and Consumer space.

Our executive search consultants in London are aware of the critical demands upon leaders in this practice around the world and reach out globally to source the talent required. Once selected our head hunters use our specially developed assessment techniques to further identify the right candidates to present to our clients in this sector.

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