People are an organisation’s greatest asset and investment. In today’s highly competitive market, success relies on the quality of an organisation’s workforce. Miramar Talent has structured, quality-focused recruitment delivery at its core.

Intense demand for talent and increasing market competition means time is invaluable to candidates and customers. Their disruption is minimised through a structured, transparent and proven process, guided by an experienced, trusted advisor.


  1. Candidate Experience

    • As custodians of customers’ reputation and brand, the highest priority is placed on candidate experience throughout our engagement, regardless of the outcome.
    • We provide a high-care total approach with objective, independent representation of candidates where professional and personal circumstances are considered and valued as highly as customer requirements.
    • Our cloud-based platform provides a customer branded ‘candidate app’ with access to all details of the role, company and process in addition to our continued contact throughout.
  2. Customer Experience

    • Our structured and transparent process enables customers to minimise their time spent in the recruitment process whilst retaining control and involvement.
    • We act as the central point connecting all internal teams throughout the process, providing coordination, logistics, and briefings to all stakeholders.
    • Our cloud-based platform provides real-time access and transparency on projects, allowing any stakeholder on the project to analyse and feedback on progress at any time.

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