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We combine leading edge head hunting capabilities with experienced high performance Leadership coaching, to deliver talent and develop Leaders who set our clients apart. Seeing your goals from a people perspective.


People are at the heart of the matter. Our talent solutions enable companies to deliver on their goals.

Executive Search

Executive Search

Tenacity, drive, accountability and passion for our clients businesses are at the heart of our recruitment process which delivers representative, diverse short lists



We deliver market analysis and competitive intelligence alongside effective strategies that provide real-world business solutions through a transparent online workspace

Deepsky Leaders

Deepsky Leaders

We prepare Leaders to Perform in Critical Moments & Thrive in Uncertainty
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Combining science with 1000’s of hours of interview capability and market experience to derisk the recruitment process and enable people to begin to contribute as fast as possible.



The art of bringing talent in to a new environment and setting a platform for success. An essential step to de-risk the recruitment process.

Deepsky Leaders Community

Deepsky Leaders Community

Deepsky Leaders Community is the optimum place for leaders seeking a winning edge.
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Understand why and what is happening every step of the way


Understand and define the most effective search strategy that will attract the highest quality talent and deliver the best solutions.

Define and align on your executive requirement and expectations.

Deep understanding of your business, strategy and organisation alongside setting a clear, educated strategy is critical to a successful search process.

Search Criteria – we set clear criteria and metrics for suitability. These form the basis of our ongoing research, engagement and assessment.

Search Strategy – This is a critical road map that will guide the process and considers the dynamics of the market whilst aligning us with our client as a team to successfully deliver.

Diversity – We recognise that in driving a diverse and representative short list, in some markets we will need to explore adjacent markets. The search strategy is a critical tool to enable this alignment.


Build a thorough picture of the talent pools based on market knowledge and corroborated through extensive research and networking.

Research is only good research when it is multilayered and has been cross-referenced.

The identification phase is specifically designed to build an early picture of the target landscape and maps on to the search strategy.

Starting from a fresh slate for every search, we proactively use our networks, our extensive database and prior market experience alongside all means of desk based tools to build a picture of the market.

The research only finishes when the search process is successfully completed. We constantly revisit and cross-reference the quality of the research.

Engage & Assess

Take a compelling message to market to attract the very best, regardless of circumstance, then determine suitability and fit for the short, medium and long term.

We present compelling concepts to attract high quality talent who are well looked after by their current employer.

Candidate engagement requires attention to detail and a strong human touch to present new concepts and attract people in to process.

Role Profile and Messaging – The role profile forms an essential tool to present, attract and share critical information. However, by embracing video and web tools there are many more means now to present a compelling message to potential candidates.

Our assessment is rigorous and multifaceted. The engagement process is designed to take place across a number of structured and unstructured engagements to enable us to qualify experience, principles, behavioural style and approach.

Short list / Interviews

A critical process of learning, engagement, qualification and feedback that requires perspective and guidance to achieve effective decision making

The short list process is the finalization of ongoing review and debate across the first part of the process. This continual debate ensures alignment.

The interview process is the first opportunity for two parties to genuinely assess their compatibility. It is essential that both parties are suitably prepared for this phase to make the best use of time.

The interview feedback process similarly requires clear communication and reinforcement of alignment. Sharing of accurate feedback is critical to the success of the overall process.

We embrace science wherever possible to support the evaluation process. This is always delivered in harmony with our client’s own tools and process.

For more information on behavioural assessment and additional tools, please contact us.

Offer Management

Insight, trust and care are what really matter to organizations during the offer process, acting as an
extension of your brand to positively bring the process to a successful conclusion.

Providing consistent insight and balanced guidance to both client and future hire are critical to creating alignment in expectations. Miramar ensures that there is trust and care at the centre of the process, enabling good feeling amongst stakeholders to create a positive conclusion.

The closing process requires effective management of expectations and consistency in the discussions. We establish rapport throughout the process and our approach regarding salary and expectations is transparent from the outset to ensure there is alignment for a positive conclusion.


Effective onboarding enables greater speed to effectiveness and higher likelihood of long term success, in turn de-risking the recruitment process and increasing the speed to deliver a return on investment.

Onboarding is the opportunity to enable the full impact of the hire and achieve the earliest possible return on investment.

It is well known that failed hires can have a significant impact on bottom line as well as morale and culture. Onboarding is a critical part of ensuring that the investment can be realised at the earliest opportunity whilst supporting the individual to achieve their personal goals.

The onboarding process begins immediately post resignation. We support the individual through their notice period and the personal adjustments that need to begin to be made in to the first year of their new employment. These can vary from minor to full relocations so each one is handled uniquely.

We believe that onboarding is a critical tool for success. In heavily matrixed, global environments where resources are tight, this is an area where support and alignment is often required.

Onboarding is heavily tailored to each particular company based on internal processes and resources. Please contact us to discuss further.

Miramar exists to help the best companies fulfil their ambitions by identifying, acquiring and developing world-class Leaders.


Our team is a reflection of the calibre of individual we deliver to our clients. The people who choose to build their careers at Miramar are intelligent, dynamic team players who support each other personally and professionally. Team is everything.

Our flagship event

Deepsky Leaders Community is the premier quarterly event, collaborative platform and private community for leaders seeking a winning edge.

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