Case Studies

World leading ‘Supermajor’ Oil Company, Future Leaders Project (Paris/Africa)

Sector: Natural Resources
Location: Paris, Morocco, Nigeria, Egypt


One of the world’s leading supermajor oil companies introduced internal talent initiatives across Africa designed to promote diversity within the local management teams by 2020. In parallel with these schemes, our client established a “future leaders” program across Africa to promote local high-potential women. Miramar was selected to augment this programme with additional appointments.


The project plan involved a multi-disciplinary and multi-industry approach targeting the top 100 female African high-potential talent across the African continent but with a specific focus on Moroccan, Egyptian and Nigerian nationals.


  • Five weeks to achieve shortlist of five qualified high-potential candidates all sourced from analogous industries (Finance, Pharma, Telecoms, Oil & Gas) across Africa (12 countries targeted)
  • Invaluable market branding for the client, demonstrating their willingness to break away from the previously outdated model of hiring from outside Africa and shifting to a model of developing high-potential local talent