VP/GM, Connected Health | Fortune 250 Global MedTech Market Leader

Sector: MedTech
Location: Global


Our client, one of the world’s largest MedTech companies, had recently acquired a connected health start-up. They believed the start-up could help them deliver significant value to physicians and their patients across multiple disease states within cardiology. However, more than a year after buying the company, a lack of integration along with product quality issues were preventing our client from making the progress they wanted.

The acquired start-up needed a new leader who could integrate the company into our client’s systems, processes, and culture, remediate the quality issues they were experiencing, and then create a path to significant value creation and ROI for our client.


After a round of in-depth discussions with the hiring team, we built an image of the ideal candidate. This was someone with full P&L experience, having R&D, operations and commercial functions reporting into them directly; someone with a track-record of leading digital health businesses; someone with experience integrating an acquisition successfully.

We determined which market segments and companies would possess the best talent to meet these specific challenges and objectives. Then, we crafted a tailored, compelling message, deployed through a thorough outreach campaign to attract the best passive candidates.

Finally, we applied a rigorous, multi-step assessment process involving phone screens, in-depth video interviews, and leadership assessment tools, to determine which individuals most closely resembled the ideal candidate image.


In less than four weeks, we presented a highly qualified slate of candidates, 80% of which were diverse. Additionally, within six weeks, we had presented a second slate of candidates. In under 90 days, our client had secured a candidate that exceeded all expectations, is making significant progress integrating the acquired start-up, and who has added tremendous strength to their roster for succession planning.


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