Tier 1 Global Payments Provider, Vice President of Data Science & AI (Pan EMEA and APAC)

Sector: Technology Innovation
Location: Dubai


Our client has invested globally in state-of-the-art Data Science centers. The centers use cutting edge technologies and models to provide competitive edge and innovation through insights delivered internally and through consulting to customers. The challenge for our customer was to identify and attract, in a highly competitive market place a diverse shortlist of senior executives capable of impacting three key pillars: commercially focused customer engagement, service/solution creation, market evangelism.


Miramar was chosen for its track record of providing cross-sector insight in new high-demand innovation markets. Our strategy was to profile organizations that are the global leaders at the forefront of using data science and artificial intelligence for competitive advantage. The search profiled organizations across prime sectors including FinTech & Payments, Banking, Retail, E-Commerce, Consumer, Technology and Consulting. The search spanned EMEA, Asia and North America in pursuit of the transformational leadership sought.


  • 100% diverse shortlist
  • Detailed coverage of EMEA, APAC, and key North American sights to inform decision making
  • High profile executive appointed

Miramar helped shape communications to the market and was successful in attracting a strong 100% diverse shortlist in an environment where diverse talent is at an all-time premium and beginning to fatigue through volume of contact and opportunity.

Miramar supported its customer to fully comprehend the data science and AI leadership landscape, identifying and attracting executives capable of delivering against the positions three strategic pillars for success. The first-choice hire was made successfully.


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