Specialty Chemicals Business, Director Product Management (Germany)

Sector: Advanced Manufacturing
Location: Cologne, Germany


An established listed speciality chemicals business has enjoyed great success and saw the opportunity to further their impact by redefining their market strategy for their primary application market and identifying critical areas for growth. A new President was appointed internally to lead this process. At the centre of this was the need to truly understand the existing portfolio and determine how to optimise the existing technologies and products for the future.


The company needed to hire an experienced Director of Product Management who could bring a critical and objective eye to the challenge and enable the most successful management of the existing portfolio. This person should be able to operate in an environment, which required a high level of commercial expertise, financial acumen and relevant market and technology experience. Through an extensive process, mapping the companies who have operated in and around this technology and application area, we determined the targets within which candidates would possess both the essential experience and the proven track record in optimising a global portfolio in a related speciality market.


  • Short list delivered within five weeks
  • Successful candidate hired from short list of three from a targeted pool of 19 companies and 80 qualified candidates

The business acquired a highly experienced Director who brought a blend of deep financial acumen, commercial expertise and a background in operating in this application market. This has allowed the business to continue with their growth strategy, knowing that the existing portfolio is being managed in the most profitable and effective way, in line with the business strategy.


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