Senior Technology Manager, Carbon Capture & Storage (CCS) and Hydrogen | Leading Chemicals Organisation

Sector: Chemicals
Location: Europe


Miramar was retained by a global petrochemical manufacturer to appoint a Senior Technology Manager, Carbon Capture & Storage (CCS) and Hydrogen. Focused heavily on polyethylene and polypropylene production, the client has committed to becoming carbon neutral by 2030. This position was created to assist the CCS Hydrogen team from both a technical and commercial perspective in the development and implementation of decarbonisation roadmaps across the organisation’s sites. The role was situated within the R&D organisation and would be reporting to the Director of Sustainability and Chemistry. The challenge was to find a candidate who was not just a technologist with tangible CCS & Hydrogen project experience, but one who also possessed the commercial acumen and the influencing “soft skills” required to ensure the creation of CCS/Hydrogen roadmaps, as well as their adoption and implementation.


CCS and Hydrogen are relatively new technologies being adopted by the industry in their decarbonisation initiatives. This is especially true in European markets, where this position was to be based. As such, we began by executing a comprehensive analysis of the talent market to determine what the talent realities were, and where this talent was clustered. We determined that relevant talent could be found in two groups:

  1. 1. Those that were part of start-up organizations where they were focused primarily in R&D work
  2. 2. Those that were part of large, multinational manufacturers, similar to our client, where they were leading decarbonization initiatives


While technical expertise was fundamental to the role, it was paramount to our client that the candidate had successful experience navigating complex, matrixed organizations. As such, we targeted candidates in the latter group.


This focus enabled us to identify 84 relevant profiles, primarily based in continental Europe. We assessed candidates on our client’s criteria as well as market standards and were able to produce a shortlist of six diverse candidates. The client deemed three as strong potential candidates and moved to offer their first choice. The first choice was an international candidate, and we assisted the client with the unique challenges that accompany recruiting internationally. The candidate accepted the client’s offer and has since joined the organization, where she has been highly successful in achieving tangible progress in their decarbonisation roadmaps. Additionally, the market research we collected over the course of the search has been used by the client as they determine if, and how, they can expand their CCS & Hydrogen teams.


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