Sales Leader, Innovative Chemicals Company

Sector: Energy
Location: Europe


In the ever-evolving landscape of environmental sustainability, our client, an innovative chemical company leading the way in decarbonisation, embarked on a journey of expansion into the European market. With a dedicated commitment to contributing to sustainability initiatives, the company focuses on recycling carbon emissions and crafting environmentally-friendly alternatives. Central to this mission is a unique technology that produces low carbon footprint materials by utilising recycled carbon emissions as a key feedstock.

To facilitate the success of this transformative endeavor, we were asked to play a pivotal role in appointing a new Sales Manager for this technology. This individual was expected to become instrumental in shaping the impact and success of the company’s expansion into the European market.

By identifying and developing new opportunities across diverse industries such as fragrances, personal care, home care, textiles, and packaging, they needed to act as the catalyst for introducing our client’s low-carbon footprint materials to a broader European audience.

The ideal candidate possessed a proven track record of successful sales within the chemicals market and needed to excel in establishing and nurturing relationships with key customers. Given the dynamic nature of the European market, the candidate’s ability to comprehend the unique needs of customers and effectively communicate the distinct value proposition of chemical products became instrumental to the role.


Within a brief timeframe of three weeks, our team successfully presented the client with a shortlist of five highly qualified candidates with a variety of skillsets matching the requirements. Our shortlist consisted of professionals from Waste to Energy companies, Specialty Chemicals and Petrochemical companies with a European commercial presence, such as BASF, Unilever and Nouryon. Out of the shortlisted candidates, the client chose three finalists and our commitment to guiding the finalists through each stage of the process ensured a seamless and thorough evaluation for both the client and the candidates.

Ultimately, after a rigorous selection process, the client successfully appointed a candidate from our shortlist, making the final placement within an impressive 30 days from the initial delivery of our shortlist.


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