Sales Leader, Global Petrochemicals Manufacturer

Sector: Speciality Chemicals
Location: Europe


Our client, a global petrochemicals manufacturer, retained us to conduct a search identifying a Sales Leader who could implement and lead the strategy for their polyolefins/recycled product division. This search was conducted confidentially as there was already an incumbent in the role who was in the process of exiting the company. The ideal candidate needed to be an experienced sales and marketing leader with a track record of leading high-performing sales teams and owning their P&L. Additionally, they would need to lead, inspire, and motivate their teams to set and achieve business objectives, whilst also supporting the organisation’s sustainability agenda.


Due to the client being situated in the Netherlands, we initially targeted and mapped candidates in the DACH region. We focused on a talent pool that had strong leadership and commercial experience working within the European chemicals/plastics products landscape.
We initially researched and engaged with 94 candidates, targeting those from both small and large organisations. We were aware that a candidate from a larger company may not be the correct cultural fit for the client therefore our behavioral, situational, and motivational questioning was key to establish their potential fit to the organization.


Within five weeks we presented the client with a shortlist of five candidates. As requested in the brief, in order to enhance the gender diversity in their leadership talent pool, 3 out of the 5 candidates were female leaders and these three were subsequently all chosen to move to the final client interview stage.

After interviewing these three candidates, the client progressed to final interviews with two, shortly identifying their first choice. This was a candidate who brought a wealth of commercial acumen and knowledge in the field. The candidate accepted their offer and since joining the organisation has made a real impact on shaping the business unit.


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