Probiotics R&D Director

Sector: Functional Ingredients
Location: Global


Our client, a global functional ingredient manufacturer for the life science and nutrition sectors, retained Miramar to lead a search for a Global R&D Director for their Probiotics business unit. The business had grown rapidly in recent years, mainly via acquisitions, but there was still significant growth ambitions and continued investment. The Global R&D Director would play a pivotal role in challenging and pushing the boundaries of the current team, aligning and integrating all acquisitions globally, and accelerating strategy execution.

The ideal candidate needed to bring proven leadership and commercial acumen, as well as deep market knowledge to drive the global business strategy. The challenge was to find a recognized industry expert with significant experience in R&D leadership positions and proven knowledge across different technologies and applications, with a focus on probiotics or bioactive ingredients.



Given the global scope of the role and the geographical spread of the teams under management, we identified and mapped both the European and the North American markets. We focused on two key talent pools, the competitive ingredients market and the customer market. As a track record in strategic thinking and an entrepreneurial mindset was required, we targeted both small and larger organisations in these sectors.



After thorough market mapping, we screened more than 130 candidates across Europe and North America. Within 4 weeks, we presented our client with a diverse shortlist of 8 qualified candidates. After a thorough interview process, they identified their first choice who brought a wealth of experience in probiotics and bioactives and with proven leadership experience to bring together teams and drive performance. This candidate has since joined the organisation and made a significant impact on shaping the direction of the business.


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